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Our Mission

Based in San Francisco, the Lotus Tao Culture Association (LTCA) is devoted to spiritual healing and community wellness through a contemporary approach to Taoism, an indigenous Chinese form of spirituality. Our programs offer a holistic approach to mindfulness and personal growth while upholding key traditional practices embedded in Chinese culture. Community events hosted by LTCA focus on spreading peace, blessing, and love to the world. We follow the Tao to be one with Nature.

The Temple

The Lotus Taoism Institute was founded in San Francisco in 2013 by Taoist master Gao Xinji to promote Taoist teachings and preserve traditional Chinese culture in a modern diasporic context. Derived from the Long Men (‘Dragon Gate’) School of Taoism, the temple focuses on meditation, self-reflection, and self-healing practices in the serene Outer Sunset district. Taoist deities from Chinese mythology bless the space with a solemn yet uplifting atmosphere.


In 2022, the organization became the Lotus Tao Culture Association, a non-profit serving community members from all walks of life.

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Ko Si Fu



Ko Si Hing

Executive Director

Members of the Board:

Master Lee  Master Chan  Master Ng  Master He  Master Ow  Master Tse

The Nine Virtues
  1. Devotion

  2. Filial Piety

  3. Honor

  4. Integrity

  5. Righteousness

  6. Trustworthiness

  7. Benevolence

  8. Generosity

  9. Courteousness

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