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St. Helena

聖海倫娜公眾墳場 - 華人墓碑


聖海倫娜公眾墳場 - 華人墓碑
聖海倫娜公眾墳場 - 華人墓碑


2024年4月21日 11:00 – 15:00

St. Helena, 2461 Spring St, St Helena, CA 94574, USA


Chinese immigrants played a crucial role in shaping California's wine industry, particularly in regions like St.Helena within the Napa Valley. Arriving in large numbers during the late 19th century, they contributed labor and expertise to vineyard work, including cleared land, cultivated vineyards, dug wine cellars, and built bridges and roads. Despite facing discrimination, their dedication laid the foundation for the success of prestigious wineries. Today, efforts to preserve and honor their legacy are evident through historical societies and cultural organizations in the Napa Valley area. Overall, their history underscores their significant contribution to both the wine industry and California's cultural heritage.

Press coverage by Sing Tao USA.


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