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Class Offerings 

Taoism emphasizes the importance of practice, through which we can repair our relationship with nature and find our true selves. Lotus Tao Culture Association has been teaching the following free courses for a long time.

Meditation Practice

Meditation is a method of Taoist practice that aims to focus the body and mind, cleanse the spirit, and understand one's inner self, thereby enhancing the harmony of our being.  We hold free meditation classes every Wednesday at 6:30 pm and welcome everyone to attend.

Chi Gong Practice

‘Chi Gong’ (literally energy practice) is a nuanced method controlling your body’s ‘Chi’ through training the body, mind, and most importantly, breathing. Chi Gong practice is offered every Saturday.


Chanting Practice

Chanting practice is a core aspect of Taoist culture. The scriptures involve the correspondence between heaven and earth and the deities, reflections on life’s truths, and the essence of ethics.

Youth Kung Fu Class

Chinese martial arts and Taoism are inseparable practices. The Lotus Tao Culture Association’s youth martial arts classes teach the basics of northern-style Kung Fu while nurturing important values for our future generations.

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