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Lotus Tao Culture Association inherits traditional rituals from the Quan Zhen (‘All-True’) Long Men (‘Dragon Gate’) school of Taoism. Dedicated to serving others, the temple has organized various large-scale worship services and rituals, such as the Zan Xing (“Praising the Astral Deities’) Service, the Ceremony for Celestial Offerings, the Parade of the Ghost King during Hungry Ghost Festival, the Gathering of Yan and Huang Emperor Descendants in San Francisco, the opening ceremony of Chinatown Rose Pak Station, and the Mid-Autumn Fire Dragon Festival. Through these services and rituals, we spread our teachings and bring blessings to all life.


Repentance Service

Our temple holds repentance services for disciples and believers to confess their faults to the Gods and Deities, seeking forgiveness and blessing.

Reciting scriptures and worship cleanses the soul, and leads us in the right direction.

Ritual Service

We regularly celebrate and worship various Gods and Deities, conducting blessing ceremonies led by Taoist priests, offering sacrifices for auspiciousness, and chanting on behalf of all believers.

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Ancestral Honoring Service

To promote respect for our ancestors, we celebrate Qing Ming Festival, Double Ninth Festival, and Zhong Yuan Purification Service (Hungry Ghost Festival) in the seventh month of the lunar calendar to bless the spirits of our ancestors.


In response to community need, a Yao Altar was built to offer services for the deceased.


Pray that safety and happiness be upon us, bless our descendants, and bring peace to the world.

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